Differences between Cursour and Google Analytics

Google Analytics while being free comes with a lot of downsides and hidden costs, we'll highlight why you might want to switch to a faster to load, private and simple to use alternative.

Ease of use

Having a quick grasp of the data you are looking at while having the possibility to filter and and get a lower granularity when needed is important. Google Analytics reports are sometimes too complex for the average website and can be too much noisy, and with the forced switch to GA4 it will be even more so, given the interface is harder to understand.

Cursour Analytics was designed to show only the most important traffic metrics with intuitive ways to filter your data by multiple parameters.

Script size and page load time

Page load time is a very important metric to optimize as a research from 2016 has showed, finding that 53% of mobile visitors would leave a website if the page didn't load within three seconds, with better mobile connections we can assume now users are expecting to wait even less before deciding they don't want to see the website content anymore.

Page load is affected among other things by the size of the scripts loaded and Google Analytics script is between 17kb and 45kb depending on the configuration while Cursour Analytics's script is ~1kb, enabling faster page loads for the users of the website.

Legal compliance

Several legal systems now require the consent of the visitors to use tracking cookies. Google Analytics use cookies to track unique visitors and so websites using it need to show a banner asking the user to accept being tracked. This is really bad for the user experience and websites that don't show it might have a competitive advantage to the ones that do.

Cursour Analytics doesn't use cookies, so our customers don't need to show the annoying requests for consent to their visitors.

Data processing

Google customers are ad companies and not end users. End users data is used to optimize their product, this is why a lot of Google services for the end users are free. Cursour business model is totally different, we sell our service directly to customers and never use their website data for anything other than show their stats on the dashboard. We operate and store our users data 100% in the EU and abide to the GDPR privacy law so our customers benefit from the rights and protection of the most privacy friendly regulation.

Better Google Analytics alternative

Cursour is fast, private and simple to use. This is why we believe it's an overall better Google Analytics alternative. We offer 14 days free trial to try our platform, onboarding require few minutes and we are eager to help or answer any question you might have.

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