The web analytics platform
that respect your users privacy

Cursour script is private, fast loading and the metrics
are presented in a clear and simple way

Get a clear report of the most essential traffic metrics

PageviewsVisitorsBounce rateVisit timeReferrersGeolocationDeviceConversions

Offer your users a cookie banner free experience

We don't use cookie to recognize unique visitors
and don't store personal data, so by using Cursour
you don't need to annoy your users with a cookie banner.

Don't compromise on fast page load

For most sites having the user to download heavy third party web analytics script
is not worth the increased page load time.
The script is only 1kb and it loads with no noticeable delay
for the user even on mobile connections.

Be compliant with all privacy laws

We put great effort to ensure full compliance with all privacy laws,
including the ePrivacy Regulation, GDPR and CCPA.
We are 100% based in the EU, abiding to the strictiest legal system regarding privacy
so your data never leaves the EU and there is no reason to worry about Schrems II.

Fair pricing based on monthly pageviews

Unlimited websites
Full data ownership
Unlimited CSV exports
Weekly email reports
Unlimited data retention
Get started for free with a full-featured 14 days trial